Ceramic Coating for Cars in Orlando

Paint Protection for Cars

ceramic coating for carsDon’t settle for a basic detailing service. Expect the best ceramic coating for cars, trucks & boats in Orlando to protect your car’s paint.

We are setting a new standard of quality for ceramic coating for cars

Premier Eco Steam is a certified installer of Opti-Coat Pro+ Paint Coatings. Ceramic coating for cars offers a more permanent paint protection & we offer a lasting warranty that will give you peace of mind. 

There isn’t another ceramic coating or paint protection that can rival our superior quality. Premier Eco Steam has been delivering the best car detailing service in Orlando for years.

In order to deliver even more value to our clients, we are proud to offer ceramic coating for cars that provides the best paint protection. Once you see what a huge performance improvement and paint protection Premier Eco Steam can provide, you’ll understand why it’s essential in Orlando Florida due to the harsh weather conditions.

Ceramic Coating for Headlights

Ceramic headlight coating is a smart & effective way to protect your car from the rough roads. Hazy and cloudy headlights can reduce light by up to 70%! We all know how bad it can rain around Orlando, Fl. With nasty conditions we need all the light we can get. If your car’s headlights are yellow or cloudy then you should not only restore them, but also add a ceramic coating to headlights.

If you’ve recently bought a new car. Keep it shiny and new by not only adding ceramic coating to the new paint, but a special headlight coating that will keep it from clouding up in the future. Keeping the headlights looking good for years to come.

Protect your Vehicle Against Florida's Harmful UV Rays

Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, & Interior Leather Protection for Your Vehicle

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic clear coating hard enduring, ceramic clear coating that provides optimal defense against scratching (9H) and a thin protective barrier that is invisible to the naked eye.

This thin protection prevents chemical etching the paint job that occurs from regular car use such as an automated car wash or an inexperienced wax job.

How the pre-polymer works is it creates a composite that develops into a long lasting defensive film on the surface of your car’s paint. It’s somewhat like isocyanate that is used when clear coat finish is applied; except it’s more advanced and safer.

The reason why our ceramic coating for cars is the best is because Opti-Coat uses the aforementioned composite that resists scratches and chemicals. The protection is specifically designed for today’s factory paint. It can also be applied to hard plastic surfaces and metal to offer top-notch protection.

The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars Available to Protect your Paint


Ceramic Coating Products

Opti-Coat Plus

Opti-Coat Pro+ offers the most shine & polish, while still keeping the same compound structure that has made it renowned as the best ceramic paint coating protection product.

Opti-Coat Pro

opti coat pro orlando
For the best protection against scratches and chemical etches due to everyday environment affects, make sure you get a clear coat that is rated 9H to protect your cars paint job.

Opti-Guard Leather

leather protection orlando
To protect your precious leather & vinyl interior you’re going to need the best interior protective care. Opti-Guard provides top quality protection using a safe resin compound.

Why Should I add Ceramic Coating to my Car?

The most important reason why your should ceramic coat your vehicle is to protect it from scuffs, and marks that naturally happen throughout the life of your car. We all want our car looking showroom fresh.

Waxing does a similar job, but it is just that, wax. It comes off in a few months. Whereas ceramic coating is like nail polish that hardens and protects. When you apply it, it makes it easier to wash. The water will bead up and slide off.

Florida weather, specifically the UV rays, are brutal to a car’s paint job. The coating shields & protects your car from Orlando’s harmful UV rays, keeping those blemishes at bay, leaving your car looking new – MUCH LONGER! 

When washing your car or driving through rain you’ll notice that dirt and water beads up and slides off your car for years, not just months like typical wax.

When it’s sunny out, your car will shine with a quick wash. No need for an extensive, deep car wash to remove all that dirt and grime.

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We’ll be happy to help explain which ceramic coating service is best for your car, truck or boat.

What about protecting my new car?

At the point when you buy a new car, you have one objective as a main priority: to keep it looking as new as it did when you drive it off the lot. However, your earnest attempts of washing and keeping up with the vehicle maintanace, stains and chips start to show.

At that point, you need to factor in the sun, which will make the vehicle’s paint dull, blur, and even fade. That’s why we recommend ceramic coating for your new car as opposed to the manufactures one time application.

Ceramic Coating for a New Car

Click below to learn more about what it's a good idea to apply ceramic coating to a new car.

Car Interior Protection

Our car interior protection products from Opti-Coat interior protection creates a hydrophobic coating to protect leather and fabric seats, carpets, vinyl and plastic surfaces.

Opti-Coat creates a hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature aging, cracking, and other damage such as color fading and staining of leather seats. This all happens because of the thin layer the protects the interior from the sun.

Also, it creates hydrophobic coating to protect fabric seats, carpets and other textile surfaces. When liquids come in contact with Opti-Coat and closed loop textiles, the surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material.

Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibers and permanent staining of the material.

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