Ceramic Coating a New Car

Protect your new car's paint job & the leather interior

interior ceramic coating serviceWhen buying a new vehicle, we advise you to pay extra attention on how you would like to protect and take care of your vehicle. Ceramic coating a new car not only keeps your car looking great, but it is a great investment. Your choice will strongly affect the appearance of your vehicle over a long period of time as well as the value of your new vehicle.

Basically, it is critical to learn about ceramic coating new car before settling on a choice about whether it is for you. Will ceramic coating a new car give you the best chance to retain value? Unquestionably! 

Is ceramic coatings a supernatural occurrence, a one-stop-shop answer to protect your new vehicle’s from typical use caused by the environment? Not exactly. Unfortunately, one one can offer all that.

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Maintain Value with Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

If you plan on keeping the car and want keep the resale value as high as possible, ceramic coating in a no brainer. Investing now in the best best ceramic coating for your new car will protect your investment & make sure your get the most return on your investment (ROI) when it comes to reselling your car. Experts (CNN Source) recommend detailing your car before reselling, but imagine keeping it in pristine condition from day one with exterior & interior protection!

What car dealerships offer is paint protection, but the level of protection is incomparable to Premier Eco Steam’s Opti-Coat. Car manufactures use an inferior quality ceramic coating to maximize their returns. 

Think about it, how long does a new car keep that new wax shine? The luster is lost in a couple months. Whereas our ceramic coating bonds to your new car’s paint to offer long lasting protection.

Furthermore, depending on the service and product you choose, you may have to come in for touch ups. This is to make sure that the ceramic coating remains intact and offering full protection. Most dealerships simply don’t provide this service. They require a high, one-time fee, and send you on your way.

Exterior Paint Protection Service

With our New Car Ceramic Pro Exterior Protection Service, your vehicle will be protected from any damages that could be caused by the environment or UV rays.

What our new car exterior protection service includes:

Interior Protection Service

interior new car cleaningUsing Opti-Coat leather and vinyl protectant coating, we can keep your interior looking new, and staying protected. Our interior protection service includes:

What our new car interior protection service includes:

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