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A food truck needs to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis to meet Florida’s strict food cleanliness guidelines and laws. We are a food truck cleaning service near you offering affordable rates.

Why waste your whole day going through a food truck cleaning checklist when you can have hire a food truck cleaning company to sanitize it for you properly in no time?

Food truck operators need an affordable, yet efficient way to keep their food truck up to code both inside and out. Most food truck vendors have turned to steam cleaning to easily pass Florida’s inspections with certifications.

Food trucks are in tight quarters so it may be close to impossible to thoroughly clean restaurant equipment such as hoods and fans. (Read about our mobile sanitization and disinfecting service solution here) Sanitizing food trucks, meeting health codes and wastewater regulations is all done using our eco-steam cleaning service.

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Steam Cleaning Is The Solution to Pass Food Inspections

Professionally Sanitized & Cleaned Food Trucks

What are the Benefits of Steam Cleaning Food Trucks?

Steam cleaning is becoming the top sanitizing method requested by the commercial restaurant industry. Since food trucks are in tight quarters it’s difficult to get heavy duty equipment inside. However, that issue is solved with our steam cleaning equipment. We’re also a food truck cleaning service near you.

Steam cleaning food trucks is the most practical, quickest, & safest cleaning option available in Orlando.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions about Food Truck Cleaning

How often should a food truck be cleaned?

You should clean the food truck after each shift. However, once a month you need a deep cleaning. Pulling out all the heavy equipment such as the fryers and stoves. Then cleaning the walls behind them. Grease builds-up which is a fire hazard. You should also clean your food truck’s exhaust hoods to keep them ventilating your food truck properly.

How often are food trucks inspected in Florida?

Twice a year.

Are the chemicals used environmentally friendly?

We use 100% Green-Certified, Non toxic cleaning solutions. Our steam cleaning system only uses minimal amounts of water as well.

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