Food Truck Maintainance - Cleaning Hoods & Exhaust Fans

The Rise of Food Trucks in Orlando

Food trucks have been around Orlando and Central Florida for years. With the industry picking up over a decade ago, we’ve witnessed solid growth year over year. Many speculate that the industry will hit a billion in revenue by 2020.  We’ve witnessed many finding it tempting to start off with a food truck before opening an actual brick-and-mortar restaurant.

With a food truck you’re able to cut out a lot of overhead that typically comes with running a restaurant. That being said it does provide owners with a unique set of challenges. In the state of Florida restaurateurs need health and permits for each county. We all know how Florida weather can be unpredictable and put a damper on your business very quickly. Then there are the maintenance issues that start to pile up on the food truck. You can see why new food trucks fail every year.

With all these reasons why a food truck fails, a kitchen grease fire could be one of the worst to recover from. Same as a traditional restaurant, if you plan on serving grilled or fried deliciousness then your vehicle needs to have commercial exhaust hoods, vents, and fans to safely direct greasy air out of the congested kitchen area. All the grease forms a residue that could potentially become a fire hazard.

Florida has a rigorous food inspection system. Why take a chance, or spend the time going through a food truck cleaning checklist, when you can contact a trained food truck cleaning service to sanitize and clean for you. 

Especially if you’re new to food trucks and how the inspection service works. Those hoods and exhaust fans need to stay clean, not simply for sanitation purposes, but for the aforementioned safety concerns.

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Cleaning Food Truck Exhaust Hoods

There are also the dangers of foodborne pathogens are a treat to the mobile restaurant industry. Much like hospitals use an autoclave (autoclave wiki) to disinfect and sanitize their health supplies and equipment, our patented steam cleaning equipment blasts dry steam at 230-250F to eradicates unwanted micro-organisms. This allows us to clean food truck exhaust hoods more effectively than a pressure washer, or heavy-duty equipment.

Premiere Eco Steam provides food trucks with an easy solution to keep their kitchen exhaust hoods and fan systems clean, sanitized & safe. Most food trucks are fairly compact, that is why our Fortador dry steam clean can easily get in those tough areas and quickly clean out appliances. 

It also sanitizes and keeps your food truck looking great for not only customers, but for health inspectors as well. As you are aware, over time gunk and grime picks-up.

This makes it almost impossible for many to clean the hood up to Florida food inspection code manually. Exhaust fans can be complicated to dissemble and many hoods are hard to reach. Using our patented dry steam cleaning system offers you a fast and effective solution to getting the best results conveniently.

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A Cleaning Solution that Works

Whether you’re interested in starting a long-term service plan or not, we measure the amount of residue before starting the cleaning process using an IKECA comb. We log your findings and the next service call we can tell how often you need to be serviced. Over time we are able to gauge how often the grease gathers based on the amount of your average usage.

With this information you will know more accurately when you need a cleaning and we’ll be glad to give you a reminder so you have one less thing to worry about. This service is available for traditional restaurants as well.

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