Professional cleaning and disinfecting service for the Coronavirus

About Coronavirus

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) continuously responds to the outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus. The coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan China and has spread to the United States, specifically Florida. While the novel virus has been termed coronavirus, the sickness that results after one is infected is called COVID-19.

COVID-19 has struck fear in many people and rightfully so. Early reports from the CDC explained it can survive on surfaces for long periods. People can be infected and not show any symptoms, which leads to unknowingly spreading the virus more. As of this writing there is limited testing. This is why your business need a trusted professional to thoroughly disinfect the area.

Orlando Steam Cleaning Service – Disinfection, Sterilization and Cleaning

Hospitals use autoclaves (autoclave wiki) to clean and disinfect instruments and equipment. An autoclave is a container used to sterilize using high-pressure saturated steam and heat. The temperature in an autoclave reaches 250F.

Fortador’s steam cleaning system is similar in the sense that it uses very high pressure and steam. There are non-toxic, eco-friendly components included in the saturated steam to assure sterilization and general cleanliness.

Additionally, we work with leading providers of cleaning products to enhance sterilization. The sterilization service utilizes products that are EPA-approved for treating pathogens such as coronavirus. Switching from general or all-purpose cleaners to EPA approved disinfectants will help control the spread of pathogens.
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Professional Cleaning Service in Orlando

Premiere Eco Cleaning are uniquely trained during this unprecedented time to disinfect your business, home and vehicles. Our staff has been prepared to handle these tasks according to strict guidelines set forth by the CDC. We have experience dealing with biological contaminates, therefore we are more qualified beyond standard janitorial services.

Our professional staff is trained to execute proactive cleaning that includes structure or facility disinfection that goes beyond everyday services using standard equipment. The CDC encourages cleaning of services that have a tendency of being touched more frequently.

Cleanup of both non-porous and porous surfaces such as bathroom fixtures, counters, kitchen appliances, toilets, phones, keyboards, light switches, etc. The CDC recommends other commercial areas include:

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Premier ECO Steam follows protocol publicized by the CDC. As of this writing there is no testing that can ensure complete eradication of the coronavirus. We can guarantee that steam cleaning and our protocols curbs the spread of coronavirus. Conversely, no one can 100% guarantee complete elimination of the disease.

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